Journey to Un’Goro Hearthstone Expansion Available Now!

Journey To Un’Goro, the lasted expansion for Hearthstone went live today! Go on a magical adventure to a land of prehistoric wonder, with dinosaurs, elementals, and killer plants.The expansion boasts 135 new cards, including legendary quest cards, and cards with the adapt mechanic.

“With dinosaur and elemental minions and the new Adapt and Quest mechanics, Journey to Un’Goro begins the next Hearthstone chapter with a prehistoric punch,” states Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We can’t wait to see the strategies that deck-builders uncover as they explore the jungles of Un’Goro.”


Journey to Un’goro is available now for Windows and Mac PC’s, and Windows, iOS and Android tablets and phones. Card packs can be purchased individually or in discounted bundles with in-game gold, or with real-world currency at the same price as all other Hearthstone packs. Players now have a chance to win Journey to Un’Goro packs as quest rewards or prizes in the Arena, and can also craft them using Arcane Dust collected by disenchanting unwanted cards.

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