Hitman gets Tougher

Having trouble taking out your targets? Always getting caught, killed or dissatisfied with that one failed distraction attempt? Then stop reading. If, however, you are a Hitman pro then throw that title away because you don’t deserve it until you beat Hitman’s upcoming Professional difficulty level.

As of January 31st Hitman will see a free update along with the disc launch which adds the Professional Difficulty level, offering a tougher challenge for players with new game features, tweaked mechanics, a separate master track with unique rewards and new AI behaviour.

The most noticeable changes or “improvements” if you enjoy punishing yourself are:

  • New item rules, making players get noticed when carrying suspicious items
  • Disguises that can be ruined depending on how you take out the previous occupant of said disguise (We assume this means no more pristine white clothes after you brutally beat and bloody a guard)
  • New Security Camera Rules
  • Limited save games
  • And more!

In order to unlock the new difficulty level players need to reach Mastery level 20 for each location.


Written by: Sotius

An avid gamer his whole life, a huge fan of RPGs, starting off with the fantastic Final Fantasy series.

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