Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour Comes This Summer!

Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour, a retro-styled take on the popular first-person shooter series has been announced for a planned release early this summer! The game features an all-new action-adventure from the legendary Serious Sam saga developed by Hammerwatch developer Crackshell. Battle though beautiful Mediterranean Locales, dangerous bbiological weapons labs and

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Out Now!

The original Bulletstorm was well known for it’s brutal kills and bullet mayhem whilst still managing to produce a fantastic looking world and interesting story. I was surprised a Bulletstorm 2 was never really announced, I guess now we know why with this Skill-shot shooter coming to modern Consoles and

NieR: Automata Sales Exceed One Million!

NieR: Automata brought something quite special to gamers all around the world, perfectly blending action-packed battles, RPG exploration and an element of the good ol’Bullethell games. So it’s no surprise that sales for NieR: Automata across physical and digital sales has exceeded one million units! In NieR: Automata played must

Square Enix Spring Surprise Box is Here!

In recent years Square Enix has had a habit of using holidays such as Christmas to offer a surprise box which generally features a handful of games that are worth much more than you paid. It seems seasons are now no exception with the announcement of the Spring Surprise Box

Hitman gets Tougher

Having trouble taking out your targets? Always getting caught, killed or dissatisfied with that one failed distraction attempt? Then stop reading. If, however, you are a Hitman pro then throw that title away because you don’t deserve it until you beat Hitman’s upcoming Professional difficulty level.

Phoning Home Given a Release Date!

ION LANDS have today announced the release date for their upcoming game ‘Phoning Home’. A crash landing on an unknown planet kicks off Robot ION’s exploration as he attempts to contact home, but to do so he must survive a massive alien world, dangerous wildlife, remnants of ancient civilisations and