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Windscape – Early Access Review

Looking for a first-person RPG that tickles your brain and is bursting with bright colours? Then Windscape is the game for you! It is a pretty typical RPG with some minor puzzle elements that aren’t too hard to figure out. The game is currently in early access, but I did enjoy the part of the game that is available.
You play as Ida, the adventure seeking protagonist, in a world that is slowly crumbling according to the archaeologists. On her journey, Ida goes from being a simple errand girl to taking on increasingly dangerous quests. As serious as this may sound the game is light-hearted with a fair amount of the subtler kind of humour. In my eyes Windscape would be a perfect game to wind down with after a rough day at work. The simple, yet fun take on RPG this game provides is actually quite refreshing.

In true RPG-spirit you receive quests from different NPCs that you meet on your way around the islands. Like most quests in most games there is a lot of mobs that you have to take care of. To do this you apply some old-fashioned DIY to craft your own weapons with materials that you have gathered yourself. With weapons comes combat and Windscape is no exception. The combat system is extremely simple and if you have played any kind of first-person game before you basically now everything about it already.

You use the WASD-keys to move, left-click to attack and right-click to block incoming damage. If you are not familiar with this kind of combat system you shouldn’t worry, it is the easiest I have ever come by in an RPG. The downside with simplicity in this case is the loss of accuracy. While using a bow or magic spells it’s just a guessing game since there is no kind of targeting reticle on your screen. Your melee attacks as well as your spells have to be charged in order to do a decent amount of damage, and while charging your movement speed is significantly slower than usual. All of this combined makes the combat system in Windscape very clunky and it could use a bit of tweaking.

As stated before, bright colours are not something that you will be missing while playing Windscape. Everything from the woodlands to the caves have at least one area that is jam-packed with vibrant colours. The plethora of vibrant colours just adds to the light heartedness of the game, which is far from a bad thing. The graphics are simple in a blocky kind of style that we nowadays see a lot in newer games, and I for one am not a big fan of it. With that said I do think Windscape pulled it off really well since they didn’t go overboard with it. You still have the basic shape of objects intact and the NPCs even have some facial features.

The sound track in Windscape is currently limited due to it being early access, but from what I have heard while playing it is promising. Depending on your surrounding and situation the timbre of the music changes. While frolicking amongst bright flowers you have a cheerful tune to give you just the right feeling of being absolutely carefree. However, in contrast if you find yourself deep within a dark forest lined with ghosts and spiders the music suddenly becomes very ominous.

At the end of the day I had a lot of fun playing Windscape and will definitely keep an eye on it to see what the final game will be like. If the updates in the finished game makes the combat system a bit smoother, implement a greater variety of quests and still retains the current feel I will certainly give it a play through. The gathering aspects of the game gives it a very survival-esque feel without continuously having to keep an eye on hunger and fatigue meters. This is something I like because survival games normally don’t tickle my fancy. Even though this is a run-of-the-mill RPG that doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, it still provides enjoyable gameplay.

All in all, Windscape is a good game that may be appealing to a wide audience. If you are a person who like first-person RPGs that doesn’t take themselves too serious then this game is certainly something you should look in to.

The Good

  • Casual, yet fun
  • Easy to learn crafting system
  • Simplistic and cute art style
  • Subtle Humour

The Bad

  • Lack of accuracy with ranged attacks
  • Clunky Combat System
  • Huge mob aggro range
  • Small variety of quests
  • Not very innovative

Written by: Jessterix

Eccentric cat aficionado with a penchant for RPGs and indie games.

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