The Town of Light

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The Town of Light

The Town of Light is a look inside a meticulously redesigned Asylum based off a very real place in Italy but following the story of fictional 16 year old Renée who has her world torn away from her when she is locked up and loses everything.

I will prefix the rest of the review with a warning, this game is for adults only. Whilst following a fictional character the game focuses on very real world situations and events that have very much taken place in Asylums throughout history.

If you are expecting a fast-paced action or outright horror ‘The Town of Light’ is not for you. The game features a lot of narration whilst only allowing you to walk at a sometimes frustrating casual pace. The story itself did a fairly decent job at keeping me interested but the constant back and forth to various rooms especially early on in the game proved to be a dull trudge from one objective to the other, this wasn’t exactly helped by having to haphazardly guess what you are supposed to be doing next, there is guidance in the form of a ‘hint’ button but I found myself relying on this far more than what was necessary. Thanks to some incredibly vague objectives you will be hard pressed to complete the game without using that hint button.

Nevertheless my deep interest in story-driven narration, of which the Town of Light dos well, spurred me on eager to discover every little tid-bit I could about Renées long and turbulent tenure at the Asylum.

There are certain branching paths to be taken which help provide a fresh feel to multiple playthroughs but ultimately all paths come to the same conclusion.

It goes without saying the voice acting is superb, whilst I did not get a chance to listen to the Italian voice-overs, the English voice acting was fantastic and did a great job at portraying emotion in a clear narrative. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn via the end credits that YouTuber Cryaotic lent his voice to the male English voice in the game.

Overall The Town of Light was an enlightening and somewhat emotional experience touching on dark and difficult topics, the story is enough to spur you on but the painfully slow movement lent an air of unpleasantry, especially if you are stubborn enough to avoid the hint button and wind up walking every corridor to discover the vague objectives. That being said, I was able to complete the game in just under two hours and being able to move faster may have drastically decreased the overall playtime. If you like story driven narration then the Town of Light may pique your interest.

Written by: Sotius

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