Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality [Review]

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Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality [Review]

Finally! The time has come to step into your favourite TV show in VR! Unfortunately you will be stepping into the shoes of one of the many famously disposable Morty Clones, that’s if of course you can swallow the hefty price tag that comes with it. With an average game time of around an hour and a half the game offers a bunch of additional mini games and easter eggs to explore but if you are only looking to complete the story and move on you might want to wait a little bit, on that same note if you are a completionist you are going to be spending many hours in this game unlocking everything in which case it would be well worth the money spent.

Virtual reality, while having a long way to improve still does an amazing job and being able to see Rick and Morty stand and move in front of you felt oddly realistic despite their obvious cartoon design. Being able to step into the world of one of my favourite shows was something very special indeed but I can’t help but feel that being a fan of the show gives me a bit of bias towards the game, don’t get me wrong the game is absolutely designed for fans of the show but it is hard to imagine how much or little someone with zero experience of the Rick and Morty universe would perceive it.

As soon as you start the game you are greeted with the to be expected babble between Rick and Morty as it is explained to you just what the purpose behind your creation as a Morty clone is, soon after you are able to move around the Garage. Movement could quite frankly be greatly improved, looking around the Garage you will notice obvious squared-off portions of the floor, these are areas you can walk around in and teleport to but teleporting to an area was very subpar, instead of being able to look at or aim the controller to exactly where you want to teleport you are instead teleported in relation to where you are standing on the current squared off area which caused some issues when an item would be just barely out of reach of the square but instead of being able to teleport a couple feet to better reach the item you would have to physically walk to the other side of the square in order to attempt to reach the item. (If you haven’t figured it out already, the squared of area is essentially the minimum play space for the HTC Vive so when you attempt to walk to the edge of the square and reach out…you hit a wall…which I did…a lot.)

Other than a few movement issues almost everything else about the game was spot on, from jokes, Easter eggs and locations it was a phenomenal Rick and Morty Experience full of twists and turns which leave you guessing what your ultimate purpose is throughout the whole trip. I really do hope they continue to make these kinds of experiences in the future as this has so far become my second favourite VR game to date. (The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed is my favourite, sorry Rick and Morty).

The Good

  • An incredible experience in the Rick and Morty Universe
  • Animation and Interactivity is superb

The Bad

  • Movement could have been done better
  • The game is pricey for the average playtime reported so far

Written by: Sotius

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