OBEY Review

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OBEY Review

OBEYWhat do you get when you dump a handful of bunnies, each wanting to be the victor, a giant robot, a dropship delivering goodies and an as of yet undefined amount of ways to win? Short answer OBEY, long answer anarchy, mind games, coercion, a lot of explosions, fire, death and an unexpected inside look into the inner workings of the human mind!

From the outside, OBEY looks incredibly simple, but experience a match first hand and you may wish you never said “This will be easy”. As of yet we haven’t even categorized the game under any specific genre because it simple feels utterly unique, we can’t even name a game that is even remotely similar, and the most impressive thing about it? It’s developed by one guy! We had a lengthy interview with him that can be found HERE.


OBEY can essentially be taken at your own pace, there is no definitive method to winning and even to the developer’s surprise new tactics are being frequently discovered, because of this you can never quite predict what your fellow furry frienemies  are going to do next which makes almost every match of OBEY unique. Ultimately everyone is out for their own gain so who to trust or what to believe is never a clear cut answer.

At the moment the game is won by a player reaching a set amount of cash. Earning cash can be achieved in a multitude of ways, the most effective being controlling the robot, but with an arsenal of rockets, flamethrowers, machine guns and various other bunnies who will happily betray you for a quick buck…good luck.


The game is pure multiplayer, you will be with other players at all times and it is your job to come out on top! Only problem is…people are unpredictable. You simply never know how a match is going to play out, some people continuously fight for the robot, others OBEY waiting for their moment to strike, some cause anarchy and some remain quiet keeping you completely unaware that they are there until suddenly the round ends with their name as the winner and everyone else wondering how the heck they didn’t notice the quiet one.


The graphical textures and artstyle of OBEY feels unique and there is nothing quite like the bright effects of explosions, fire and electrical shocks. There is no real way to say if the graphics are good or bad considering the lack of similar games to compare it to, they just are. They fit well with OBEY and help it stand out in the over saturated gaming market.


We played the game reasonably early in development thanks to developer Dan Dez and the earlier versions had no sound whatsoever so we may be a tad biased here. Fear not, the released version has sound and it immensely brings the game to life, from the cute little squeak of the bunnies to the heart racing moments of intense machinegun fire or rocket barrage, sound makes OBEY feel alive.


The controls are simplistic, use WADS to move, mouse wheel to scroll through items, left click to pick up, right click to drop. You don’t need to worry about complicated controls in this game, however…you can not jump. (inside joke: This is the only game in the world where bunnies don’t jump). But they do produce a cute squeak if you press spacebar…


As previously mentioned you simply never know which way the game is going to go which makes almost every match unique and with the addition that the game uses a free to use tiled map maker allowing players to create their own maps and scenarios there are endless possibilities to keep the game fresh and enjoyable.


We are in love with OBEY and we have been from the get-go, it is fun, unique, has a fantastic community backing it up, this game is definitely one to check out, with some minor room for improvements this one goes under our INDIE category as an 8.5/10!


Written by: Sotius

An avid gamer his whole life, a huge fan of RPGs, starting off with the fantastic Final Fantasy series.

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