Mantis Burn Racing

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Those who know me know I’m not a fan of racing or driving games. The prospect of doing repetitive laps is really not my idea of an enjoyable game so I was concerned that my previous disdain for racing games would have a huge negative impact on the overall review of Mantis Burn Racing and I loaded it up with apprehension, believing I may not enjoy the game purely because it’s not “my kind of game”.

Oh how wrong I was, a few races in and I am completely hooked. Firstly the controls felt so fluid, the vehicles steer so effortlessly allowing smooth and enjoyable racing, the career mode was a nice addition, whilst not necessarily providing any kind of story it gave a good sense of progression and means to upgrade your vehicles or purchase new ones.



One of the major negatives I had about the game after playing it was the sheer lack of online public races even after the game had launched from early access, I ended up sitting in a lobby for half an hour and not a single person joined, I will come back and check it again in a few days once sales have picked up a bit but due to this issue I am entirely unable to comment on the multiplayer aspect of the game which is a shame because I was really curious to see how a player with a heavily upgraded car compares to a brand new player in an online match or if the game has a means by which to place players on a level playing field when a race has players of vast level difference.mantisburnracingdrift_jpg

Aside from that the rest of the game was so much more than I had anticipated. The art-style of the game works very well along with the sound and level design, the first several races were worrying as they featured either the same (but reversed) or slightly different versions of the same map but after the first few races those fears were alleviated when new maps made an appearance. The amount of different game modes are also a nice surprise, ranging from regular lap races to races where the first person to 10,000 points wins.



Overall the game was a nice surprise, being from a genre I don’t particularly enjoy, Mantis Burn Racing is not your generic racer, it felt unique, progressive, genuinely enjoyable and well worth the value for money.

On the topic of multiplayer I can only theorise that online player races will become more common place over the next few days as sales increase and will update the review accordingly.


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